If you’re ready to make a career move, we have the insight and tools to help you land where you truly belong.


If you don’t know where you truly belong and how you will be most valued. . .

  • We will guide you in defining your most easily transferrable skills and help you understand the doors they will open.

  • We help you identify your leadership superpowers.


If you struggle to communicate your leadership strengths in a way that is concise, yet humble. . .

  • We will help you develop your “elevator pitch” — a concise and easily memorable story of how you lead teams to achieve business results.

  • We will get you “recruit-ready” by helping you develop a career portfolio, resume and LinkedIn profile that brings to life your unique story.


If you’re unclear how to set yourself up to be recruited for roles in the hidden job market. . .

  • We will help you get visibility by the hiring organizations — even when the job isn’t advertised.

  • We will share best practices for increasing your hiring visibility and sending the right signals to attract attention in the hidden job market.


Gina Riley

Before Gina Riley became an executive search consultant and leadership level career coach, she cut her teeth in HR at Intel. With a Master’s degree in Organizational Development, she has experience in HR business partnership, executive search, organizational development and designing training programs. In March, she spoke at the annual Career Thought Leaders Conference on how to build relationships with recruiters. Her superpower is the ability to understand what is unique about each person and use that to help people achieve their individual career goals.