start-to-finish partnership

We don't just fill orders for executives. We serve as your trusted, proactive recruiting partner—from day one through successful onboarding. In collaboration with you, we tackle four key steps.




NEEDS ASSESSMENT // We develop a money shot of the leader you need. 

It’s hard to find the right talent if you don’t know what it is. We conduct a full needs assessment for your leadership position so we can target our search and locate candidates who fit your organization and will deliver the best long-term results. 

We interview key stakeholders from your team; we listen and learn first-hand about your business goals, strategy, values and culture, as well as the specifics of the job. Based on this input, we create a detailed written job profile containing the mission, accountabilities, outcomes, and functional and performance-based skills for the position. This profile guides candidate evaluations on qualifications and fit with your organization.





CANDIDATE SEARCH // We aim high, collaborate and adjust as needed. 

To find top-level candidates, we leverage our extensive talent network and implement expert search methods. Our focus: identify and screen candidates who 
          —have proven successes in leadership roles
          —are thought leaders with passion for their work and the people and companies they serve
          —have demonstrated abilities to recruit, develop and retain top talent for their organizations
             while delivering positive company results

During the search, we meet with you regularly to review the pipeline of candidates, refine search criteria and discuss the strength of your company’s value proposition to potential candidates.  





INTERVIEWS // We prescreen candidates, hone your interviewing skills, evaluate feedback and provide ongoing support.   

To identify the strongest candidates and streamline your team's efforts, before you interview, we evaluate candidates thoroughly based on the job profile and recommend these interviewing steps:

  1. We identify and screen top candidates in-person or by videoconference or phone.
  2. Your hiring manager interviews those candidates in-person or by videoconference or phone.
  3. You select finalist candidates for interviewing onsite by your full interview team and conduct the interviews. We advise you as needed on the selection. We also assess and hone your team's interviewing methods. 
  4. Together with your hiring manager, we collect and evaluate feedback from the interview team.
  5. (optional) Finalist candidate delivers presentation to team and meets with board members or other key stakeholders.

step 4.png

SELECTION + HIRING // We check references, assist with a winning offer and facilitate a seamless transition. 

We continue to serve as your trusted advisor during selection, hiring and onboarding, leveraging our decades of experience and extensive expertise to help you secure the best long-term team member. 

Thoroughness is key to ensuring your selection of a qualified leader with integrity and the right fit profile. Throughout the recruiting process, we alert you to red flags and help determine whether they present issues. We—or your team, if you prefer—complete detailed reference checks including discussions with past employers, direct supervisors and peers. In addition to reference checks, we recommend thorough financial, educational, employment and criminal history checks on finalists by a third-party vendor. 

We make sure you have all the information you need to develop a winning offer for your chosen candidate. We also help you hone and execute an onboarding plan that sets your new leader and organization up for enduring success. 


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